Cakes & Cupcakes

Custom orders welcome with 48-hour notice.

6" serves 6 - 8
8" serves 12 - 14
1/4 sheet serves 20 - 24

Prices start at: $22.95
Cupcakes- 6 packs starting at $13.00

Make your favorite ice cream cakes into ice cream cupcakes.

Signature Cakes

Birthday Cookie Dreams
Chocolate cake, Birthday Cake ice cream, Oreos/fudge mixxed in, white frosting, decorated with oreos and fudge. - Cake Birthday Cookie Dreams
Cookies & Cream
Chocolate cake, sweet cream ice cream with oreos mixed in, white frosing, decorated with Oreos - Cake Cookies Cream

Yellow cake, vanilla ice cream, white frosting, decorated with rainbow sprinkles - Cake Sprinkle

Cookie Crumble (multi layer)
Chocolate cake, sweet cream ice cream with oreos/cookie dough mixed in, white frosting, decorated with Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chips - Cake Cookie Crumble

Chocolate Kiss
Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, Chocolate frosting, decorated with Hershey Kisses - Cake Chocolate Kiss

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